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Very welcoming.

This reminds me of some DanPaladin's art style, (something similar to Alien Hominid)
I really love it.

ToasterPower777 responds:

Thank you!

Man...You must have to have a seizure in real life if you even try to beat the last notes of that song.

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Game Title: I want to be popular!
Me: Me too...

Btw: The game is amazing (Even if it's similar to cookie clicker) though it requires more challenging game modes such as how many times you need to press the globe button for the different hate Comments, or adding a cooldown on how many times you can click the globe.

Extra features, such as changing the background on where the player is or the phones settings would be an interesting feature to add (Depending on how many followers you will get)

I'm not saying this game should turn into another cookie clicker-based game, I'm just saying it requires some extra features.

I'm not sure if this is going to be helpful but.
For the Flash or the Newgrounds Player issue(well, which worked for me)
You go to your time/dates and change the date to the 10th of January 2021 or before 2021.
You refresh your browser and launch the player.
Hope it works for you.

The game is looping with the same platforms, Its not a bad game but some music or sounds would have been good
(also I'm guessing this took time to make with programming but your trying)

TheGreenLizard16 responds:

Sorry, it's my first game. I promise the next ones will be better

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Lots of red, black & grey put onto this, must have taken hours to make. It's Truly beautiful.

Deimos is always looking cool!

Can't wait for the game to come out. The artwork looks interesting.

Edit: that's unfortunate man, but it's fine, sometimes not everyone can make their projects come to life.

TheFunniBoyo responds:

thankies i guss though it may be cancelled since noone wants to help me with the coding.

I make games, I make art and play other games (Just your general account)

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